Dental Health Care Plan Providers


General Dentist

A general dentist is the primary dental provider in a dental health care plan. These doctors have a DDS or DMD. Three years of undergraduate work and four years graduate work is required for general dentistry.

Dental Public Health Clinic

Dental public health clinics are used by dental health care plans to promote dental health through organized community efforts. These clinics administer various dental care programs with a goal of prevention. Services offered by a clinic include: Finding a dentist Developing dental care programs Providing information and answers to common questions Providing oral health resources


This is the dental specialist who treats the dental pulp or tooth nerves. They diagnose, and treat injuries or diseases by performing simple to difficult root canals or other surgical procedures. This is the dentist used by dental health care plans when in need of root or nerve ending treatment.

Oral Radiologist

A radiologist is the oral health care provider who specializes in the production and interpretation of all types of X-ray images and data that are used in the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral and maxillofacial region.

Oral Medicine

This specialized doctor is brought in by dental health care plans to treat medically complex patients through integration of both medicine and oral health care. This field includes: Oral cancer Complex medical patients prior to open-heart surgery Chemotherapy Hospital patients

Oral Pathologist

The oral pathologist is the specialist who studies the causes of diseases which affect the oral structure, parts of the face and neck. This includes the teeth, lips, cheeks and jaws. This specialist is brought in by dental health care plans to diagnose the following: Biopsy Tissue or Lesions

Oral Surgeon

An oral surgeon is the doctor who performs surgical procedures in and around the face, mouth and jaw. Dental health care plans use these specialists to treat accident victims and other reconstructive or implant surgery. Other areas which fall into this specialty: Tooth extractions Impacted teeth Removal of tumors Jaw realignment or repair


This is the specialist who deals mainly with fixed or removable corrective appliances for such conditions as: Bad bites Crowded, missing or extra teeth Jaws which are out of alignment

This specialist is used most often by family dental health care plans covering children needing braces and other appliances.

Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist is usually a part of a family dental health care plan specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of dental considerations for toddlers up to young adults. This dentist receives at least two additional years of training in the special needs of children’s dentistry.


The Periodontist is the specialist of the dental health care plan who treats issues of the gums, bones and teeth. This specialist performs the following services: Root Planing Crown Lenthening Gum or Bone Grafting Gingivoplasty Hard Tissue Recontouring Implant Placement


This specialist uses dentures, caps, or ceramic crowns to replace missing or extracted teeth. The prosthodontist is also involved in dental implants as well as artificial replacements for the face and jaw.

Dental health care plans provide for many oral services using any combination of the specialists listed above.